Abbey & Evan’s Wedding Video from Vermont’s Most Gorgeous Venue!

August 30, 2018

When your bride starts her wedding day with a yoga session in a gorgeous barn in Vermont, you better believe that’s how her wedding video will start too!

Venue: Inn at Mountain View Farm

Photography: Jackie Harper Photography

Floral: Spring Hill Designs

Hair: Arielle Demers

Makeup: Elizabeth England Studios


Morning yoga to prep for the wedding day

Fog rolling across the mountains, a single car puttering by, soft sounds of the rain falling on trees and roofs,  the clinging and clanging of pedals and sprockets as the avid bikers huff and puff their way up the hill. At the top is the Inn at Mountain view Farm. The perfect setting for a fairytale and one of our favorite venues in the country! You cannot film a wedding video here and be disappointed. 

Abbey started her day with a 30 minute yoga session for her bridesmaids and any family that wanted to join. When we heard that we knew it would make for an epic beginning to their film and we were SO right. It was fog filled, rainy morning. AKA the most peaceful way to do yoga!!!!

The Inn at Mountain View Farm, Vermont’s greatest wedding venue!

Abbey and Evan had a family get away at the inn. That’s part of why this is one of our favorite venues. It just FEELS like home. So all our wedding videos from here are just so personal, fun, intimate, and GORGEOUS! There’s an animal sanctuary, rolling hills, the quaintest little town, MAPLE SYRUP, M-A-P-L-E-….. S-Y-R-U-P. God, it’s so good. 

After running around for 45 minutes trying to find my car keys and even breaking into my own car to check for them, I found them in my back pack. Right where I put them. This only caused a minor delay in my filming some portrait stuff for their wedding video (Kaila was there and creating magic and I’m still jealous. It’s fine).

The reason I’m even bringing it up is to speak to the lovely people we get to call our bosses. After coming back over all sweaty and stressed and unsure of what Abbey knew or what I looked like to them, I said “sorry guys I’m dumb, hope we can still go over here and grab a shot I was hoping to get”, Abby responded “ absolutely not you ruined everything.” (she was OBVIOUSLY joking) and I immediately released any stress I had and let out a huge laugh. It was just what I needed to move past that hiccup and get back to making magic.

Thank you Abbey. And thank you to my lovely WIFE (!!!!!!) Kaila, for holding down the fort as she does so well in my time of need. haha!

Campfire, bbq food truck, and all out bringing the roof down was how it ended. Abbey and Evan did not go quietly into the night, they went jumping, swinging, spinning and cheering. After brunch the next morning, guests headed out back home, with their ears still ringing and their heads pounding I imagine. All in all, a successful night. So happy to add these two to our list of forever friends! 



And finally, here it is! Abbey & Evan’s wedding video!

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