Kate and Joe’s Intimate and Modern Wedding at Company 251 in Chicago, Illinois!

August 26, 2018

In the most romantic new wedding venue in Chicago, Joe promises his unconditional love to not only his new wife but his new stepdaughter, Evie. Grab your tissues, fam, it’s just about the sweetest wedding video you’ll ever see.

Venue: Company 251

Photography: Taylor English Photo

Catering: Company 251

Floral: Floral Wonders Geneva



A promise from a man to a certain young lady. The center of his new bride’s world, her whole reason for existing. He is not there to replace nor repair, he is there to compliment. He is there to add to. Never have I seen a man understand his role in a woman’s life, or in this case two women’s lives more than Joe does.

Most emotional wedding video!

First of all, what a cool building. Outside of Chicago is Company 251, what used to be an old warehouse of some sort is now a four level wedding venue where even the unfinished fourth floor was inspiring. It also had the coolest elevator I have ever seen. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it. On the ground level was the ceremony space and bridal suite. On the floor above, seating for dinner and the groom’s suite. Such a cool setting for a woman as beautiful and edgy as Kate and a man with class only otherwise seen tailored on Don Draper.

I love when our grooms have fun with a day like today. I like when they don’t put too much pressure on themselves they are just open to our direction. Your wedding day is your day, and Joe made that perfectly clear when he entered their reception the only way he knew how: with the Nature Boy Rick Flair’s anthem blasting, a silk robe signed by none other, and a BEAUTIFUL white fluffy boa around his neck. Well played Joe. Well played.

Company 251, possibly the most stunning venue ever.

They danced into the night and ran through a wall of sparks and embers to cap it off. I STILL love sparkler exits for this reason. Liquor, fire, family always equals a good time. Thank you guys for including us in this special day. I CANNOT wait until Evie watches this later in life and understands what she was part of on that special day and all that she means to all of you.

Now watch for yourself!


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