Kevin and Cara’s Romantic Winter Wedding at Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ!

April 7, 2018

Well, it finally happened! I was IN a wedding!! My best friend Cara married the love on her life on March 24th, 2018 and I got to experience life as the Maid of Honor.

Venue: Liberty House Restaurant

Photography: Aaron & Whitney Photography

Florals: J.R. Floral Designs



So, my best friend got married! Holy, wow. I met Cara in college, we were roommates and have been pretty inseparable. I say that even though Jay and I live in Colorado and Cara and Kevin live in New York. Distance has nothin’ on us! Also, the fact that Jay and I are in New York almost every month helps tons. hahaha.

Cara and I both started dating our now (and soon to be!) husbands around the same time. When I first met Kevin, he called me “La”. Being the millennials we are, obviously Cara and I shortened Cara to “ra” and Kaila to “la”. Anyway, it’s as silly as it sounds but I knew immediately Kevin would be around for a while at that moment. Anyone who claims their new girlfriends best friend as their own so quickly, is someone special. Even more telling, any guy that constantly deals with their fiancĂ©’s best friend crying about how much she loves you, is really, truly a keeper. (I’m a V emotional person, folks).

Kevin and Cara just, fit. It’s really special when you see someone you love find their person. The person that gets them the way you do and you know loves them, no matter what.

While I was being the MOH, Jay was filming along side two of the greatest people and photographers we’ve had the privilege of working with, Aaron & Whitney! Their work is so stunning and they are the sweetest most genuine people, ever.

Cara and Kevin had their first look in this old train station down the road from Liberty House Restaurant. It gave us some of the most beautiful light and gorgeous views of New York City! After a morning filled with butterflies for both of them, it was so nice to see them both relax and start enjoying the day once they were together!

After the first look we went on to bridal party and family photos and got ready to make it official and get these two married!

The new Mr & Mrs Ford opted for a magician as entertainment during cocktail hour instead of the usual photo booth at the reception. OH MY GOSH was it the coolest thing i’ve ever seen! And such a huge hit with the guests.

The reception went flawlessly and we all had the best night celebrating the new Ford’s with the gorgeous New York City skyline as our back drop. Liberty House has easily become one of our favorite venues! Check out their teaser film below, I make a nice little cameo at the end!

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